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Peter Agre: Quiz


Question 1: Agre became director at JHMRI and joined the faculty of the ________ on January 1, 2008.
Centers for Disease Control and PreventionCenter for Public Health PracticeJohns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public HealthEpidemiology

Question 2: Nobel laureate: Gov't, science research clash post September 11 ________
On, Wisconsin!The Badger HeraldThe Daily CardinalWisconsin Badgers

Question 3: He is also a founding member of ________ (SEA), and serves on its Board of Advisors.
Martin Lewis PerlDiscovery InstituteScientists and Engineers for AmericaBurton Richter

Question 4: On 31 August 2007, an editorial article written by Agre appeared in the Minneapolis ________.
Star TribuneSt. Paul Pioneer PressMinnesotaCity Pages

Question 5: [7] He appeared on ________, discussing SEA, sound science in politics, and the decline of American knowledge of science, among other topics.
The Colbert ReportWho Made Huckabee?Stephen ColbertThe Daily Show

Question 6: He also contemplated the fact that both Germany and China have leaders who are trained research scientists (Germany: ________, Ph.D., Physical Chemistry; China: Hu Jintao, Hydraulic Engineer).
Silvio BerlusconiAngela MerkelNicolas SarkozyGordon Brown

Question 7: Agre said he discovered aquaporins "by ________." His lab had an N.I.H.

Question 8: [7] He also notes that his prize-winning research was originally an investigation of the molecular identity of the human blood Rh factor, and his initial discovery of ________ was purely serendipitous.
Ion channelAquaporinSodium channelPotassium channel

Question 9: Agre was born in ________ to a Norwegian American father and a mother of Swedish and Norwegian descent.
Eagan, MinnesotaFaribault, MinnesotaNorthfield, MinnesotaDundas, Minnesota

Question 10: In addition to being a founding member of ________, Agre was one of 48 Nobel laureates who signed a letter endorsing Massachusetts Sen.
Burton RichterDiscovery InstituteMartin Lewis PerlScientists and Engineers for America


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