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Pete Townshend: Quiz


Question 1: Townshend spoke about his forthcoming UK tour, his online novella and his memories of the old ________ stations.
Pirate radioRadio CarolineUK pirate radioCall sign

Question 2:
What did Pete Townshend do for a living?

Question 3:
What was Pete Townshend's birth name?
Jencarlos Canela
Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend
Alejandro Garcia
Tom Clarke

Question 4: Carr printed his remarks in the ________ causing strong friction within The Who and embarrassing Townshend.
Hot PressUncut (magazine)Rolling StoneNME

Question 5: Townshend performed at a 1995 benefit organized by Paul Simon at ________'s Paramount Theatre, for The Children’s Health Fund.
Madison Square Garden, Inc.Madison Square Garden (1925)Madison Square GardenMSG Network

Question 6:
What role did Pete Townshend play in the TV series The Who Live, Featuring the Rock Opera Tommy
Guitars & Vocals/Mr. Walker/Mrs. Walker/Narrator
Bass Guitars/Vocals
Vocals/Tommy Walker/Mr. Walker/Mrs. Walker/Narrator/Specialist

Question 7: The on-stage destruction of instruments soon became a regular part of The Who's performances that was further dramatized with ________, (an idea which came from Moon).
The UndertakerFireworksPyrotechnicsExplosive material

Question 8: "Lonely at the Top" and "Hard Women" with ________ on She's the Boss (1985)
The Rolling StonesMick JaggerJagger/RichardsKeith Richards

Question 9:
Which of the following genres does Pete Townshend produce?
Rock, hard rock, power pop, art rock
Rock, hard rock, art rock, pop rock
Power pop
Rock, Alternative, Power Pop, Post-Punk

Question 10:
On what date was Pete Townshend born?

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