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Question 1: With the financial help of Baron Edmond de Rothschild they were able to drain the swamps sufficiently to be able to move back in 1883, joined by immigrants of the ________, and later the Second Aliyah.
First AliyahIsraelZionismReligious Zionism

Question 2: Petah Tikva was also the birthplace of the Labor Zionist Movement, inspired and encouraged by the writings of ________ who lived in Petah Tikva before moving to Degania in the Galilee.
KabbalahA. D. GordonIsraelJewish philosophy

Question 3: The first recorded Arab attack on Jews in ________ took place in Petah Tikva in 1886.
PalestineIsrael1948 Arab–Israeli WarArab–Israeli conflict

Question 4: The Dan bus company operates lines to Ramat Gan, ________ and Tel Aviv.
Bat YamAshdodBnei BrakHerzliya

Question 5: ________, Labor Zionist ideologue
IsraelZionismA. D. GordonKabbalah

Question 6: Leah Rabin, wife of assassinated Israeli prime minister ________, lived in Petah Tikva from 1995 until her death on November 12, 2000
Yitzhak RabinAriel SharonShimon PeresMenachem Begin

Question 7: In ________ ten K6 telephone boxes were imported from the United Kingdom to Petah Tikva and installed on its main street, Haim Ozer.

Question 8: Yeshivat Hesder Petah Tikva, a modern-orthodox Hesder Yeshiva affiliated with the ________ movement, directed by Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, is also located in Petah Tikva.
Religious ZionismZionismModern Orthodox JudaismCanaanism

Question 9: During the ________, Petah Tikva suffered three terrorist attacks.
Israeli–Palestinian conflictSecond IntifadaGaza–Israel conflictHamas

Question 10: In addition, there are many family health clinics in Petah Tikva as well as Kupat Holim clinics operated by Israel's ________.
Managed careHealth insurance in the United StatesHealth maintenance organizationHealth care in the United States


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