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Question 1: For example, ________ has halved its use of pesticides with hardly any reduction in crops.

Question 2: Prominent insecticide families include ________, organophosphates, and carbamates.
Organolithium reagentHalocarbonOrganotinOrganochloride

Question 3: ________) could be separated into dichlorodiphenylethanes, cyclodiene compounds, and other related compounds.

Question 4: ________ pesticides have increased in use, because they are less damaging to the environment and they are less persistent than organochlorine pesticides.

Question 5: [82] A similar chemical can be applied to fields early, before the potatoes are planted, causing the ________ to emerge early and starve in the absence of potatoes.

Question 6: [7] Biological pesticides based on entomopathogenic fungi, ________ and viruses cause disease in the pest species can also be used.
BacteriaGram-negative bacteriaGram-positive bacteriaCorynebacterium

Question 7: Recent policy statements by the ________ have given stronger support to this approach.
Food and Agriculture OrganizationSwitzerlandWorld Health OrganizationUniversal Postal Union

Question 8: [4] Paul Müller discovered that ________ was a very effective insecticide.

Question 9: [11]:239-240 ________ and carbamates largely replaced organochlorines.

Question 10: ________ for the control of fungi and oomycetes is a very bad
FungicidePesticideAmino acidEnzyme


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