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Question 1: UF/IFAS Pest Alert Web site - ________, nematodes and plant diseases affecting humans, livestock/pets, agricultural and ornamental plants.

Question 2: Many ________ (plant pests) are also seen as useful under certain conditions, for instance Patterson's curse is often valued as food for honeybees and as a wildflower, even though it can poison livestock.
AgricultureWeed controlWeedCannabis

Question 3: This is often because it causes damage to ________ through feeding on crops or parasitising livestock, such as codling moth on apples, or boll weevil on cotton.
Sustainable agricultureIntensive farmingAgricultureOrganic farming

Question 4: A pest is an organism, usually an insect, which has characteristics that are regarded by ________ as injurious or unwanted[citation needed].
Human evolutionHumanHomoMind

Question 5: ________ are chemicals and other agents (e.g. beneficial micro-organisms) that are used to control or protect other organisms from pests.
Pesticide poisoningPest controlAluminium phosphidePesticide

Question 6: The term pest may be used to refer specifically to harmful ________ but is also often taken to mean all harmful organisms including weeds, plant pathogenic fungi and viruses.

Question 7: Examples of these include those organisms which vector human disease, such as rats and fleas which carry the plague disease, mosquitoes which vector malaria, and ticks which carry ________.
SyphilisLyme diseaseRelapsing feverPathogenic bacteria

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