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Question 1: In 2009, ________ put forward their own list of the 17 Most Notable Pests in the NHL [3].
Money (magazine)Entertainment WeeklyPeople (magazine)Sports Illustrated

Question 2: Anglophone rivals often resorted using prejudice against francophone star ________ with insults (frog, French pea, lousy French).
Maurice RichardÉmile BouchardGordie HoweBernie Geoffrion

Question 3: In association football, a clear example is ________ provoking Zinedine Zidane in the 2006 World Cup Final resulting in the latter getting a red card.
Gianluca ZambrottaMarco MaterazziAlessandro Del PieroFrancesco Toldo

Question 4: In ________, a pest (also known as an "agitator"), is a type of player who attempts to annoy, anger, or distract opposing players in order to reduce their effectiveness or cause them to take a penalty.
Ice Hockey World ChampionshipsCanada men's national ice hockey teamIce hockeyIce hockey at the Olympic Games

Question 5: Some pests may not only use these tactics against opposing skaters, but opposing ________ as well.
GoaltenderNew York IslandersMartin BrodeurVezina Trophy


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