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Question 1: ________ identify rising trends of conspicuous consumption and self-interested, image-conscious behaviour in culture.
Anti-consumerismOver-consumptionSimple livingEnvironmental economics

Question 2: Nietzsche, Friedrich, ________ and The Case of Wagner, New York: Vintage Books, 1967, ISBN 0-394-70369-3
Human, All Too HumanThe Birth of TragedyFriedrich NietzscheEcce Homo (book)

Question 3: Pessimism is sometimes understood to be a ________; that if an individual feels that something is bad, it is more likely to get worse.
One Thousand and One NightsArabic literatureForeshadowingSelf-fulfilling prophecy

Question 4: Richard Rorty, ________, and Wittgenstein challenge the sense of questioning whether our particular concepts are related to the world in an appropriate way, whether we can justify our ways of describing the world as compared with other ways.
Søren KierkegaardRené DescartesImmanuel KantGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Question 5: ________ thinkers, especially social conservatives, often perceive politics in a generally pessimistic way.
Traditionalist conservatismConservative political partiesLiberal conservatismConservatism

Question 6: They hold that the natural tendency of people is to be ruled and that freedom is an exceptional state of affairs which is now being abandoned in favor of social and economic security provided by the ________.
Welfare stateDenmarkSpainUnited Kingdom

Question 7: Schopenhauer sees reason as weak and insignificant compared to Will; in one ________, Schopenhauer compares the human intellect to a lame man who can see, but who rides on the shoulder of the blind giant of Will.

Question 8: " 'That which bestows on everything tragic, its peculiar elevating force' " – he (Schopenhauer) says in ________, Volume II, P.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelThe World as Will and RepresentationArthur SchopenhauerImmanuel Kant

Question 9: ________'s pessimism comes from his elevating of Will above reason as the mainspring of human thought and behavior.
Friedrich NietzscheArthur SchopenhauerExistentialismGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Question 10: Robert Bork's Slouching Toward Gommorah and ________'s The Closing of the American Mind are famous expressions of this point of view.
Allan BloomGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelLeo StraussPlato

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