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Question 1: While this may not seem to be much of a weapon, in many Slavic folk accounts, the ________ appears as a talisman of ultimate destruction.
FreyjaApple (symbolism)Golden appleIðunn

Question 2: In ________, Perun (Cyrillic: Перун) is the highest god of the pantheon and the god of thunder and lightning.
Slavic mythologyVeles (god)BelobogAla (demon)

Question 3: The Bulgarian people believe that the name of the Macedonian mountain ________, one of the highest mountains of the Balkan Peninsula, was named after Perun.
PirinRilaBlagoevgrad ProvinceRhodope Mountains

Question 4: He was first associated with weapons made of stone and later with those of ________.
NonmetalNoble gasHalogenMetal

Question 5: The root *perkwu originally probably meant oak, but in ________ this evolved into per- meaning "to strike, to slay".
Bulgarian languageCroatian languageMacedonian languageProto-Slavic language

Question 6: In 980, when prince Vladimir the Great came to throne of ________, he erected statues of five pagan gods in front of his palace.

Question 7: On some levels of folklore and popular Christianity, some of Perun's characteristics were passed on to the Christian ________ himself.

Question 8: As early as 6th century, he was mentioned in De Bello Gothico, a historical source written by the Byzantine historian ________.
BelisariusJustinian IProcopiusGothic War (535–554)

Question 9: Vladimir's uncle Dobrinja also had a shrine of Perun established in his city of ________.
PskovRigaRussiaVeliky Novgorod

Question 10: In Marvel Comics Ultimates 2 the terrorist group The Liberators member Perun is described as a ________ Thor.
East GermanySoviet UnionRussiaJoseph Stalin

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