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Question 1: One of Sigmund Freud's earlier associates, ________, did agree with Freud early childhood experiences are important to development, and believed birth order may influence personality development.
Otto RankCarl JungAnalytical psychologyAlfred Adler

Question 2: The idea of psychological types originated in the theoretical work of ________[citation needed] and William Marston, whose work is reviewed in Dr.
Analytical psychologyCarl JungJungian archetypesSigmund Freud

Question 3: Significantly, in the theatre of the ancient Latin-speaking world, the ________ was not used as a plot device to disguise the identity of a character, but rather was a convention employed to represent or typify that character.
African traditional masksMaskPuppetryIran

Question 4: [5] In the former Soviet Union, Lithuanian Aušra Augustinavičiūtė independently derived a model of personality type from Jung's called ________.
SocionicsMyers-Briggs Type IndicatorISTP (personality type)Analytical psychology

Question 5: Differences between Cattell and Eysenck emerged due to preferences for different forms of ________, with Cattell using oblique, Eysenck orthogonal, rotation to analyse the factors that emerged when personality questionnaires were subjected to statistical analysis.
Factor analysisSAS (software)Eigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspaceLinear regression

Question 6: ________ theory [10] dealing with different beliefs people have about whether their worlds are controlled by themselves or external factors;
Psychology of religionMajor depressive disorderEducational psychologyLocus of control

Question 7: The least controversial dimension, observed as far back as the ancient Greeks, is simply ________ (outgoing and physical-stimulation-oriented vs.
AlaskaFloridaExtraversion and introversionWashington

Question 8: Davidson's research lab has focused on the role of the prefrontal cortex (PFC) and ________ in manifesting human personality.
Anterior olfactory nucleusOlfactory bulbAmygdalaHippocampal formation

Question 9: [4] This model was later used by ________ with a different understanding from Jung, Briggs and Myers.
Myers-Briggs Type IndicatorDavid KeirseyAnalytical psychologyKeirsey Temperament Sorter

Question 10: Nomothetic psychology seeks general laws that can be applied to many different people, such as the principle of self-actualization, or the trait of ________.
Extraversion and introversionFloridaWashingtonAlaska


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