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Question 1: Personal property can often be secured with similar kind of device, variously called a chattel mortgage, trust receipt, or ________.
LienSecurity interestFloating chargeBankruptcy

Question 2: Movable property on land, that which was not automatically sold with the land, included many kinds of livestock; in fact the word cattle is the Old Norman variant of ________ chatel, which was once synonymous with general movable personal property.
French languageOld FrenchEnglish languageRomance languages

Question 3: In the common law it is possible to place a ________ upon real property.
ConveyancingReal estateMortgageLien

Question 4: Personal property, roughly speaking, is private property that is moveable[1], as opposed to real property or ________.
CondominiumAllodial titleReal estateOwnership

Question 5: Such mortgage requires payment or the owner of the mortgage can seek ________.
Common lawReal estate bubbleLienForeclosure

Question 6: Many jurisdictions levy a personal ________, an annual tax on the privilege of owning or possessing personal property within the boundaries of the jurisdiction.
Land value taxPublic financeTax havenProperty tax

Question 7: In the United States, Article 9 of the ________ governs the creation and enforcement of security interests in most (but not all) types of personal property.
Uniform Commercial CodeSecurity (finance)Investment SecuritiesUnidroit convention on substantive rules for intermediated securities

Question 8: Accountants also distinguish personal property from real property because personal property can be ________ faster than improvements (while land is not depreciable at all).
Book valueAmortization (business)Goodwill (accounting)Depreciation

Question 9: In the ________ systems personal property may also be called chattels or personalty.
Common lawShariaReception statuteCivil law (legal system)

Question 10: The statutes of limitations or ________ are usually shorter when dealing with personal or movable property.
Adversarial systemCriminal procedureStatute of limitationsInquisitorial system


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