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Question 1: As a development, the bare name of a ship in the ________ meant its captain (e.g., "Cressy didn't learn from Aboukir") while the name with an article referred to the ship (e.g., "The Cressy is foundering").
HMS Ark Royal (R07)HMS Ocean (L12)HMS Illustrious (R06)Royal Navy

Question 2: Researchers from the University of North Carolina Wilmington studying ________ in Sarasota Bay, Florida, found that the dolphins had names for each other.
Killer whaleGreat white sharkBottlenose dolphinShark

Question 3: In ________, someone's name is considered intimately connected with his fate, and adding a name (e.g.

Question 4: Depending on national convention, additional ________ (and sometimes titles) are considered part of the name.
Irish nameHebrew nameGiven nameGreek name

Question 5: ________: A surname based on the given name of the father.
PatronymicStephenGrammatical genderRomanian language

Question 6: Cultures that use ________ or matronymics will often give middle names to distinguish between two similarly named people: e.g.
Romanian languageFamily nameGrammatical genderPatronymic

Question 7: This habit has become very common also in the international language ________.
EsperantidoEsperanto grammarEsperantoReformed Esperanto

Question 8: ________, Hong Myung-Bo, Park Ji-Sung, Sohn Kee-Chung, Hwang Young-Cho).
Lee Chun-SooLee Dong-GookAhn Jung-HwanLee Woon-Jae

Question 9: Golfers' names are also typically switched to Western order; the female golfer Pak Se-Ri is known in the West as ________.
Se Ri PakLaura DaviesAnnika SörenstamKarrie Webb

Question 10: It is nearly universal for a ________ to have a name; the rare exceptions occur in the cases of mentally disturbed parents, or feral children growing up in isolation.
Human evolutionHumanMindHomo

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