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Personal grooming: Quiz


Question 1: This activity is known as personal grooming, a form of ________.
Food safetySanitationHygieneHand washing

Question 2: It can also include cosmetic care of the body, such as ________.
ShavingBikini waxingHairHair removal

Question 3: During oil spills, animal conservationists that rescue penguins sometimes dress them in knitted sweaters to stop them from preening and thereby ingesting the ________ which is poisonous.
Mineral oilWaxPetroleum jellyBeeswax

Question 4: Individual ________ regularly clean themselves and put their fur, feathers or other skin coverings in good order.

Question 5: This is done to remove ________, keep them in good aerodynamic condition, and waterproof them.
ToxoplasmosisCatParasitismDirofilaria immitis

Question 6: Extracting foreign objects such as ________, leaves, dirt or twigs, are all forms of grooming.

Question 7: Among animals, ________ spend considerable time preening their feathers.
BirdModern birdsEnantiornithesArchaeopteryx

Question 8: Grooming in humans typically includes ________ activities such as primping: washing and cleaning the hair, combing it to extract tangles, and styling.
Atrium (architecture)HouseKitchenBathroom

Question 9: In animals, it is a species-typical behavior that is controlled by neural circuits in the ________.
DigestionBrainNervous systemSensory system


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