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Question 1: ________ - assuming the eventual creation of an intelligent and self-aware system of hardware and software, what criteria would be used to confer or withhold the status of person?
Artificial intelligenceKarl PopperRené DescartesDaniel Dennett

Question 2: ________ - Some philosophers and those involved in animal welfare, ethology, animal rights and related subjects, consider that certain animals should also be granted personhood.

Question 3: Are the surgical separations of ________ cases more complicated, challenging and controversial than abortion?
ICD-10 Chapter XVII: Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalitiesVanishing twinTwin-to-twin transfusion syndromeConjoined twins

Question 4: In the fields of ________, philosophy, medicine, and others, the term has specialised context-specific meanings.
LawShariaScots lawXeer

Question 5: Commonly named species in this context include the ________, cetaceans, and elephants, because of their apparent intelligence and intricate social rules.

Question 6: In many jurisdictions, for example, a ________ is considered a legal person with standing to sue or be sued in court.
CompanyCorporationCorporate lawCompanies law

Question 7: Persons - In contemporary global thought, once humans are born, personhood is considered automatic via Legal fiction created by a ________.
Death certificateBirth certificateGeneral Register OfficeApostille

Question 8: In animistic religion, animals, plants, and other entities may be persons or ________.


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