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Perso-Arabic script: Quiz


Question 1: For example, in ________, of the six vowels, the three short ones are normally omitted entirely (except in the Qur'an), while the three long ones are represented ambiguously by certain consonants.
Classical ArabicModern Standard ArabicArabic languageEgyptian Arabic

Question 2: The Perso-Arabic script is a writing system that is originally based on the ________.
Arabic languageHebrew alphabetSyriac alphabetArabic alphabet

Question 3: Azerbaijani in the ________ (changed first to Latin, then Cyrillic, and switched back to Latin recently)

Question 4: Originally used exclusively for the ________, the Arabic script was modified to match the Persian language, adding four letters: پ [p], چ [tʃ], ژ [ʒ], and گ [g].
Ancient North ArabianModern Standard ArabicArabic languageEgyptian Arabic

Question 5: The Perso-Arabic script is exclusively written ________.
CalligraphyLatin alphabetCursivePenmanship

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