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Persistence of vision: Quiz


Question 1: ________(persistence-of-vision ray-tracer)
Blender (software)POV-RayKerkytheaYafaRay

Question 2: This is the case for both physical film and ________ systems.
3-D filmMovie theaterIMAXDigital cinema

Question 3: The discovery of persistence of vision is attributed to the Roman poet ________, although he only mentions it in connection with images seen in a dream.

Question 4: In the early days of ________ innovation, it was scientifically determined that a frame rate of less than 16 frames per second (frame/s) caused the mind to see flashing images.
Independent filmFilmmakingFilmMovie theater

Question 5: In contrasting persistence of vision theory with phi phenomena, a critical part of understanding that emerges with these visual perception phenomena is that the eye is not a ________.
Rangefinder cameraPhotographyDigital single-lens reflex cameraCamera

Question 6: Although ________ and physiologists have rejected the relevance of this theory to film viewership, film academics and theorists generally have not.
PsychologistPsychologyPsychotherapyClinical psychology

Question 7: Such implementations can occur on low-flicker purpose-built CRT TVs, but decoupling can happen inadvertently on any display connected to a ________.
Apple TVHome theater PCMac MiniXBMC

Question 8: Flat-panel ________ (LCD) monitors do not suffer from flicker even if their refresh rate is 60 Hz or even lower.
Organic LEDTFT LCDLCD televisionLiquid crystal display

Question 9: A technique called ________ uses persistence of vision to combine two consecutive images (or fields) to create one frame with higher detail in non-moving areas.

Question 10: Aside from some configurations used until the early 1990s, ________ do not use interlacing.
Video cardFloppy diskComputer monitorUniversal Serial Bus

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