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Question 1: The raw fruit is used to treat constipation and ________, and to stop bleeding.
Polyp (medicine)Colorectal cancerAnal fissureHemorrhoid

Question 2: They are high in ________, with a balanced protein profile, and possess various medicinal and chemical uses.

Question 3: Astringent persimmons contain very high levels of soluble ________ and are unpalatable if eaten before softening.
TanninEllagic acidProanthocyanidinGallic acid

Question 4: [10] The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy notes that consumption of persimmons has been known to cause ________ that require surgery in over 90% of cases.
Foreign bodyBurnBezoarFrostbite

Question 5: The word persimmon is derived from putchamin, pasiminan, or pessamin, from Powhatan, an ________ (related to Blackfoot, Cree and Mohican) of the eastern United States, meaning "a dry fruit".
Algic languagesAlgonquian languagesOjibwe languageEastern Algonquian languages

Question 6: Over the last few decades persimmon wood has become popular among bow craftsmen, especially in the making of traditional ________.
LongbowArcheryFlatbowEnglish longbow

Question 7:
What kind of animal is a Persimmon?

Question 8: A persimmon is the edible fruit of a number of species of trees of the genus ________ in the ebony wood family (Ebenaceae).
DiospyrosDiospyros hillebrandiiDiospyros texanaDiospyros sandwicensis

Question 9: In ________, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam after harvesting, 'Hachiya' persimmons are prepared using traditional hand-drying techniques, outdoors for two to three weeks.
Province (China)Time in ChinaChinaReligion in China

Question 10: Unripened persimmons contain the soluble tannin shibuol, which, upon contact with a weak acid, polymerizes in the ________ and forms a gluey coagulum that can affix with other stomach matter.
Colon (anatomy)Vermiform appendixStomachSmall intestine


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