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Question 1: Some works of ________ geography and travel also survived, albeit in Arabic translations.
MedesSassanid EmpireRashidun CaliphateAchaemenid Empire

Question 2: Among poets of this period, ________ (1935–1967) has a special place as the first female poet of the Persian language acclaimed by her contemporaries and who left a lasting legacy despite her short life.
Gholam-Hossein SaediPersian literatureForough FarrokhzadParvin E'tesami

Question 3: As such, this rich literary heritage continues to survive well into the present in countries like Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and ________.
Iran–Iraq WarIranIraqAzerbaijan

Question 4: ________'s (1935–85) short stories, which he called ghessa, often transcend the boundaries of realism and attain a symbolic significance.
Gholam-Hossein SaediMohammad-Hossein ShahriarIsmail IImadaddin Nasimi

Question 5: After the ________ came to power (750 CE), the Persians became the scribes and bureaucrats of the Islamic empire and, increasingly, also its writers and poets.
Neo-Assyrian EmpireAbbasid CaliphateAkkadian EmpireIslamic Golden Age

Question 6: In the early centuries of Islam, the raids into ________ produced many young slaves.
Central AsiaMiddle EastSouth AsiaSiberia

Question 7: ________ is important in the literary history of Iran for three reasons.
Gholam-Hossein SaediPersian literatureParvin E'tesamiForough Farrokhzad

Question 8: (In modern times, Persian has been generally supplanted by ________, a heavily Persian-influenced dialect of Hindustani.)
HindiBengali languagePunjabi languageUrdu

Question 9: In 1645, Christian Ravius completed a Persian-________ dictionary, printed at Leiden.
Vulgar LatinOld LatinRoman EmpireLatin

Question 10: [24][25] Behbahani herself used the "Char Pareh" style of Nima, and subsequently turned to ________, a free-flowing poetry style similar to the Western sonnet.
GhazalQawwaliPersian literatureTurkish literature


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