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Persecution of religion in ancient Rome: Quiz


Question 1: Arcadius died in 408 and his eight-year-old son, ________ was thereupon proclaimed emperor in the East.
MarcianJustinian IPulcheriaTheodosius II

Question 2: [86] During the early part of the reign of Honorius, ________ was able to exercise unlimited power over the west.
Byzantine EmpireWestern Roman EmpireStilichoThermantia

Question 3: As the ________, and later the Roman empire, expanded, it came to include people from a variety of cultures, and religions.
Ancient RomeRoman RepublicRoman NavyClassical antiquity

Question 4: Anthemius placed the image of ________, in the act of vanquishing the Nemean lion, on his coins.
HerculesAncient RomeHesperidesHeracles

Question 5: Upon the death of his father, Gratian came under the influence of ________ who became his chief advisor,[61][62] and active steps to repress Paganism were taken.
Thomas AquinasFrancis de SalesPope John Paul IIAmbrose

Question 6: ________, who was reigning in the East, made no attacks upon Paganism during the lifetime of Gratian.
Theodosius IConstantine IDiocletianValentinian II

Question 7: John appears to have ushered in a period of ________.
ChristianityState religionReligious pluralismReligious toleration

Question 8: After him, the empire was ruled jointly by Valentinian I (ruled 364-375), Valens (364-378), Valentinian II (375 - 392), ________ (375 - 383) and Theodosius I (ruled 379 - 395).
GratianConstantine IJustinian IConstantius II

Question 9: ________ was Roman co-emperor since 355, and ruled solely for 18 months 361-363.
Julian the ApostateConstantine IConstantius IIValentinian I

Question 10: This also goes for the later medieval Emperor ________, who in September, 774, decided that the Saxons (Westfali, Ostfali, and Angrarii) must be presented with the alternative of baptism or death.
AlboinLothair ILouis the PiousCharlemagne


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