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Persecution of Muslims: Quiz


Question 1: Buddhist monks demanded that the Hantha Mosque in Taungoo be destroyed in "retaliation" for the destruction of the ________.
History of BuddhismBuddhist artGreco-Buddhist artBuddhas of Bamyan

Question 2: [59] The Khojaly Massacre was described by ________ as "the largest massacre to date in the conflict" over Nagorno-Karabakh.
International Criminal CourtHuman Rights WatchUNESCOAmnesty International

Question 3: Virtually all traces of Bosniak presence and ________ in the area were wiped out during the Foča massacres.
CultureFamilySlaveryHuman rights

Question 4: In Germany, the state of Baden-Württemberg requires citizenship applicants from the member states of the ________ to answer questions about their attitudes on homosexuality and domestic violence.
Organisation of the Islamic ConferenceJordanMoroccoSaudi Arabia

Question 5: In the Račak massacre, dozens of Kosovo Albanians were killed in the village of Račak in central ________.
MontenegroSerbiaKosovoBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 6: Nielsen of the ________, was based on 75 reports – 15 from each EU member nation.
Aston UniversityUniversity of BirminghamBirmingham City UniversityUniversity of Warwick

Question 7: Their May 2002 report "Summary report on Islamophobia in the EU after ________", written by Dr.
United Airlines Flight 93Osama bin LadenSeptember 11 attacksAl-Qaeda

Question 8: Buddhist persecution of Muslims arose from religious reasons, and occurred during the reign of King ________, 1550-1589 AD.

Question 9: Muslims in Myanmar are affected by the actions of ________ in other countries.
IslamismIslamic fundamentalismIslamic terrorismMuslim Brotherhood

Question 10: [41][42] The possession of books or papers in ________ was near concrete proof of disobedience with severe repercussions.
Modern Standard ArabicArabic languageEgyptian ArabicAncient North Arabian

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