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Perrin number: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, the Perrin numbers are defined by the recurrence relation
MathematicsMathematical logicSet theoryGeometry

Question 2: The number of different ________ in an n-vertex cycle graph is counted by the nth Perrin number.
Independent set (graph theory)CographMaximal independent setClique problem

Question 3: that is, initially 1 followed by ________.
Deficient numberPerfect numberPrime numberPractical number

Question 4: Given these three roots, the Perrin sequence analogue of the ________ Binet formula is
Golden ratioPell numberFibonacci numberEuclidean algorithm

Question 5: This constant bears the same relationship to the Perrin sequence and the Padovan sequence as the golden ratio does to the Fibonacci sequence and the silver ratio does to the ________.
2 (number)Fibonacci numberPell numberPrime number


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