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Perpetual virginity of Mary: Quiz


Question 1: ________ believed that Mary did not have other children, and did not have any marital relations with Joseph,[25] maintaining, that the brothers mentioned were cousins.
Martin LutherLutheranismPhilipp MelanchthonProtestant Reformation

Question 2: Several leaders of the ________ believed in the perpetual virginity of Mary.
Counter-ReformationProtestant ReformationEast–West SchismCrusades

Question 3: This common tradition of the perpetual virginity of Mary is one element in the well-established theology regarding the Theotokos in both East and West, a field of study known as ________.
Immaculate ConceptionBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)MariologyRoman Catholic Mariology

Question 4: For more on this matter and on the quotation of Isaiah 7:14 by Matthew 1:23 in relation to Mary's virginity, at least at the time of her conception of Jesus, see ________.
Virgin birth of JesusMary (mother of Jesus)ChristologyChronology of Jesus

Question 5: Mother of GodPerpetual virginityImmaculate ConceptionAssumptionMother of the ChurchMediatrix________
Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Gabriel RoschiniCo-RedemptrixRoman Catholic Mariology

Question 6: ________ depicting this scene have appeared in Roman Catholic Marian churches for centuries.

Question 7: However, it is known that the practice of celibacy was not unknown in Jewish society of the time, being witnessed to in particular among the ________.
EssenesDead Sea scrollsQumranWicked Priest

Question 8: It is also distinct from the dogma of the ________ of Mary, which relates to the conception of the Virgin Mary herself without any stain ("macula" in Latin) of original sin.
Immaculate ConceptionIneffabilis DeusBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Roman Catholic Mariology

Question 9: General articles
MariologyVeneration of the Blessed VirginHistory of MariologyMariology of the saints________Encyclicals & Apostolic LettersMarian Movements & Societies
Louis de MontfortHistory of the Catholic ChurchMarian doctrines of the Catholic ChurchMariology of the popes

Question 10: The solution favoured by scholars will in part depend on the authority they allot to later Church insights and dogmatic definitions, such as that at the ________.
First Council of ConstantinopleFirst Council of NicaeaFirst Council of EphesusCouncil of Chalcedon

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