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Question 1: In the ________ character set, the perpendicular sign has the codepoint U+27C2 and is part of the Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A range.
Universal Character SetUnicodeUTF-8Han unification

Question 2: Therefore, in ________, any two lines that are both perpendicular to a third line are parallel to each other, because of the parallel postulate.
Euclidean geometryEuclid's ElementsAxiomAlfred Tarski

Question 3: In a ________, two straight lines L and M may be described by equations.
Cylindrical coordinate systemParabolic coordinatesSpherical coordinate systemCartesian coordinate system

Question 4: In geometry, two lines or planes (or a line and a plane), are considered perpendicular (or orthogonal) to each other if they form congruent adjacent ________ (an L-shape).

Question 5: To make the perpendicular to the line AB through the point P using ________, proceed as follows (see Figure 2).
HeptagonAngle trisectionCompass and straightedge constructionsField (mathematics)

Question 6: The term may be used as a noun or ________.
VerbAdjectiveAdverbPreposition and postposition

Question 7: If a line is bending to another as in Figure 1, all of the angles created by their intersection are called right angles (right angles measure ½π ________, or 90°).

Question 8: Step 1 (red): construct a ________ with center at P to create points A' and B' on the line AB, which are equidistant from P.
PiConic sectionCircleGeometry


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