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Peroxide: Quiz


Question 1: The ________, peroxides and superoxides are closely related, forming a chain of oxygen ions of progressively higher oxidation number.

Question 2: However, the same property also means that organic peroxides can accidentally initiate explosive polymerization in materials with unsaturated ________.
Hydrogen bondChemical bondCovalent bondAromaticity

Question 3: Superoxides, dioxygenyls, ________ and ozonides compound are considered separately.

Question 4: Sodium peroxide is used as a ________ absorber and oxygen regenerator (e.g.
Carbon sinkCarbon cycleCarbon dioxideGreenhouse gas

Question 5: A peroxide is a compound containing an ________-oxygen single bond.

Question 6: The peroxides of a number of electropositive metals such as Mg, the lanthanides and the uranyl-ion show an intermediary character, between ionic and ________.
Chemical bondAromaticityCovalent bondMetallic bond

Question 7: Barium peroxide is used in ________ and tracer ammunition, and was once used in the manufacture of hydrogen peroxide.
Explosive materialPyrotechnicsThe UndertakerFireworks

Question 8: The peroxide ion contains two ________ more than the oxygen molecule.

Question 9: This makes them useful as ________ for some types of polymerisation, such as the polyester resins used in glass-reinforced plastics.

Question 10: is known as hydroperoxide radical, and is thought to be involved in ________ of hydrocarbons in air.
FireInternal combustion engineOxygenCombustion

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