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Peronism: Quiz


Question 1: [7] Carlos Fayt, believes that Peronism was just "an Argentine implementation of ________".
Italian FascismFascism and ideologyBenito MussoliniNazism

Question 2: [6] Many scholars categorize Peronism as a ________ ideology.
TotalitarianismFascismItalian FascismNazism

Question 3: The personality cult of Eva Perón, in particular, was fondly conserved, while at the contrary strongly despised by the "national ________".
Social classWorking classBourgeoisieRuling class

Question 4: A third way approach to economics which purported to be neither ________ nor capitalist, but to incorporate elements of both in a corporativist manner.
Karl MarxSocialist stateSocialismMarxism

Question 5: Overthrown in a coup that started a dictatorship in 1955 (the Revolución Libertadora), led by General Aramburu, Perón spent 18 years in exile, mostly in ________'s Spain.
José María AznarSpanish StateJosé Luis Rodríguez ZapateroFrancisco Franco

Question 6: Though his feelings for Franco were mixed, Perón never disguised his admiration for ________'s domestic policies.
Italian FascismBenito MussoliniFascismAxis powers

Question 7: At the same time, the ________ became corporate themselves, relinquishing the right to strike in agreements with Perón as Secretary of Welfare in the military government from 1943-45.
Universal suffrageTrade unionSlaveryHuman rights


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