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Question 1: After the ________, the Bolsheviks, now including Trotsky, did not discuss the theory of Permanent Revolution as such.
Russian Provisional GovernmentRussian Civil WarOctober RevolutionVladimir Lenin

Question 2: The ________ alludes to Marx's view that the dominance of the bourgeoisie is a necessary prelude to that of the proletariat: 'the bourgeoisie therefore produces ...
Marxist philosophyThe Communist ManifestoMarxismStateless communism

Question 3: Initially, only ________ rallied to Lenin's position within the Bolshevik party.
Alexandra KollontaiRussiaLeon TrotskyChristian Rakovsky

Question 4: The question of the Chinese revolution and the subjection of the ________ to control by the Kuomintang at the behest of the Russian Communist Party was a topic of argument within the opposition to Stalin [21] in the Russian Communist Party.
Tiananmen Square protests of 1989Mao ZedongDeng XiaopingCommunist Party of China

Question 5: An attempt to elaborate an exception to the theory was made by Tony Cliff of the ________, in his "Theory of Deflected Permanent Revolution".
Socialist Workers Party (Britain)Respect – The Unity CoalitionSocialist Party (England and Wales)British National Party

Question 6: The basic idea of Trotsky's theory [19] is that in Russia the ________ would not carry out a thorough revolution which would institute political democracy and solve the land question.
Working classRuling classSocial classBourgeoisie

Question 7: Trotsky's theory was developed as an alternative to the ________ theory that undeveloped countries must pass through two distinct revolutions.
Democratic socialismSocial democracyMarxismSocialist International

Question 8: In his 1963 essay Deflected Permanent Revolution he develops the idea that where the proletariat is unable to take power, a section of the ________ may be able to carry out a Bourgeois Revolution.
IntelligentsiaRussiaSoviet UnionCentral Europe

Question 9: This reflects his view that these countries are ________ societies rather than deformed workers states.
Social fascismFascismState capitalismNazism

Question 10: Part of his theory is the impossibility of '________' - a view also held by Marx, but not integrated into his conception of permanent revolution.
Lenin's TestamentJoseph StalinAnti-Stalinist leftSocialism in One Country


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