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Question 1: More recently, ________ have been applied to the problem of wrinkles in clothing.
DNA nanotechnologyNanoelectronicsNanotechnologyNanotoxicology

Question 2: [4][5] This process was based on ________ [6], however in 1987 the chemical DMDHEU (1,2-Dimethylol-4,5-dihydroxyethyleneurea)[7] [8] demonstrated superior characteristics.

Question 3: [17] The technology is used in clothes sold under major brands such as Dockers, ________, The Gap, Old Navy, and Perry Ellis.
General MotorsWashington MutualEddie BauerGeneral Growth Properties

Question 4: Traditionally, because the chemical process that conditions the fabric for wrinkle resistance also tends to weaken it, most permanent press clothing items have been ________ which tend to use a thicker fabric.
Women wearing pantsCottonTrousersSkirt

Question 5: Most older ________ feature an automatic permanent press setting, which puts clothes through a cool-down cycle at the end of the normal heated drying cycle.
Heat pumpClothes dryerWashing machineNEMA connector

Question 6: In older ________, the permanent press setting sprays moisture during the spin cycle to maintain the moisture content of the permanent press fabrics above a certain specified limit to reduce wrinkling.
LaundryCanadaWashing machineUnited States


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