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Question 1: One wiki implementation which supports this type of permalinks is ________, the software which runs Wikipedia.
DokuWikiMindTouch DekiMediaWikiWikiWikiWeb

Question 2: Permanent links to specific versions are recommended for citing articles from sources such as Wikipedia and ________, to ensure that the content remains unchanged for review.
WiktionaryGerman languageWikinewsMultilingualism

Question 3: Because a permalink remains unchanged indefinitely, it is less susceptible to ________.
WebCiteLink rotWebsiteWeb archiving

Question 4: In the context of systems that support versioning, such as most ________, a permalink is commonly understood as a link to a specific version.
Collaborative softwareBlogWiki softwareWiki

Question 5: Permalinks can be indicated within the ________ of a page so as to allow automated browsing tools to detect the permalink and use it for linking instead of the stated URL.
Portable Document FormatECMAScriptOpenDocumentHTML

Question 6: A permalink, or permanent link, is a URL that points to a specific ________ or forum entry after it has passed from the front page to the archives.
Blog softwareBlogPolitical blogAggregator

Question 7: However, certain websites employ their own symbol to represent a permalink such as an ________, a dash, a pilcrow (ΒΆ), or a unique icon.
Percent signAsteriskAmpersandBracket

Question 8: Permalink is a ________ made from permanent link.
Humpty DumptyPortmanteauBlendSupercouple

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