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Permaculture: Quiz


Question 1: During growth and especially after harvesting the system is prone to ________ from rain.
Mouth barErosionDuneRiver delta

Question 2: It is an efficient converter of ________ into biomass.
EarthSunlightSolar eclipseSolar variation

Question 3: The model for this was an abundance of small-scale market and home gardens for food production, and a main issue was ________.
SustainabilityLocal foodAgricultureFood miles

Question 4: Traditional pre-industrial agriculture was labor intensive, ________ is fossil fuel intensive and permaculture is design and information intensive and petrofree.
Industrial agriculture (animals)Industrial agriculture (crops)Factory farmingIndustrial agriculture

Question 5: It started with the ________ that for people to feed themselves sustainably, they need to move away from reliance on industrialized agriculture.

Question 6: Crucially, it seeks to address problems that include the economic question of how to either make money from growing crops or exchange crops for labor such as in the ________ scheme.
CoinLocal Exchange Trading SystemsLocal currencyCompany scrip

Question 7: Burning fossil fuels contributes to greenhouse gases and ________; however, using less energy is more than just combating global warming.
Scientific opinion on climate changeGlobal warming controversyKyoto ProtocolGlobal warming

Question 8: Thus it is a further principle of permaculture that "________ is energy in the wrong place".
Marine pollutionWater pollutionPollutionAir pollution

Question 9: Their manure can be used in ________ to fertilize the soil.
CompostingWindrow compostingHome compostingComposting toilet

Question 10: The tree's leaves fall and rot, providing food for small insects and ________.

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