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Perm (hairstyle): Quiz


Question 1: The only alternative to sulphites at the time would have been ________ which are unpleasant to use.

Question 2: Superma originated by Sartory, was a machineless system which relied on the chemical reaction of the contents of a ________ pad, with water.

Question 3: Next, an oxidation lotion was applied, (________), to close the disulfide bridges again and the hair was reformed to the shape of the rod.
EthanolHydrogen peroxideAntisepticChlorhexidine

Question 4: A common ingredient was borax or ________, which are mildly alkaline (and thus have a high pH) but are relatively harmless.

Question 5: A point winding, is almost two dimensional, rather like the spring of a watch ________.
Gurren LagannLogarithmic spiralSpiralFibonacci number

Question 6: This resulted in addition of a sulphite, bisulphite or metabisulphite to Icall reagents, ________, a reducing agent, being evolved on heating.
Sulfur dioxideHydrogen sulfideAcetic acidSulfuric acid

Question 7: At the same time, electricity, which had been introduced mainly for lighting and industrial use, began to be used for heating and the application of the ________ at the small business and domestic level.
Induction motorAC motorElectrical generatorElectric motor

Question 8: Icall pioneered the use of plastics in hairdressing equipment, specifically a thermosetting plastic, ________ which was used not only because of its electrical properties in the windings of motors and heaters, but in the outer coverings of the heaters.
United KingdomBakeliteBelgiumSpain

Question 9: Due to the harsh nature of the chemicals, it is important that contact with the ________ be minimized.
TanningHuman skinLeatherSkin

Question 10: These use glycerol monothioglycolate instead and contain no ________.


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