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Question 1: The tour shaped the ________ of Periyar to achieve the social concept of Self-Respect.
Left-libertarianismAnarchismList of political ideologiesLibertarian socialism

Question 2: He went on to explain that there is no use of simply acquiring titles or amassing wealth if one has no self-respect and ________.
Scientific methodSocial sciencesSciencePseudoscience

Question 3: This library contained Periyar's rationalist works, the ________ of Periyar and his recorded speeches.
BookPapyrusManuscript cultureManuscript

Question 4: [13] The Dravidar Kazhagam continued to counter Brahminism, Indo-Aryan propaganda, and uphold the Dravidians' right of ________.

Question 5: On caste, he showed that the Kural illustrates how ________ laws of Manu was against the Sudras and other communities of the Dravidian race.
RigvedaIndian epic poetryVedasSanskrit literature

Question 6: In 1937, when ________ became the Chief Minister of Madras state, he introduced Hindi as a compulsory language of study in schools, igniting thereby a series of anti-Hindi agitations.
K. KamarajC. RajagopalachariJawaharlal NehruAbul Kalam Azad

Question 7: In the ________ of 1924, Periyar and Gandhi both cooperated and confronted each other in socio-political action.
Mohandas Karamchand GandhiVaikom SatyagrahaAyyavazhiSwami Vivekananda

Question 8: He opposed the exploitation and marginalization of the non-Brahmin indigenous Dravidian peoples of South India and the imposition of, what he considered, ________ India.
Indo-IraniansIranian peoplesIndo-Aryan peoplesIndo-Aryan migration

Question 9: Periyar hailed the Thirukkural as a valuable scripture which contained many scientific and ________ truths.
PhilosophyPolitical philosophyAristotleDavid Hume

Question 10: His attempts were defeated in the Congress party due to a strong presence of ________ and indifference.
AgeismRacial segregationRacismDiscrimination


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