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Periphyton: Quiz


Question 1: It serves as an important food source for invertebrates, tadpoles, and some ________.
Forage fishFishFish anatomyPelagic fish

Question 2: Periphyton communities are used in ________ food production systems for the removal of solid and dissolved pollutants.
Shrimp farmIntegrated Multi-Trophic AquacultureWild fisheriesAquaculture

Question 3: The periphyton is also an important indicator of ________; responses of this community to pollutants can be measured at a variety of scales representing physiological to community-level changes.
WastewaterPollutionWater qualityWater pollution

Question 4: Periphyton is a complex mixture of ________, cyanobacteria, heterotrophic microbes, and detritus that is attached to submerged surfaces in most aquatic ecosystems.
AlgaePlantWild fisheriesPhotosynthesis


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