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Peripheral vascular disease: Quiz


Question 1: Many PVD patients also have ________ or have had myocardial infarction.
AtherosclerosisHypertensionCoronary artery diseaseAngina pectoris

Question 2: Conservative measures include ________ (cigarettes promote PVD and are a risk factor for cardiovascular disease).
Human nutritionEpidemiologySmoking cessationPatient safety

Question 3: Peripheral vascular disease (PVD), also known as peripheral artery disease (PAD) or peripheral artery occlusive disease (PAOD), includes all diseases caused by the obstruction of large ________ in the arms and legs.
Arterial treeArterySystemic circulationBlood vessel

Question 4: head (________)
Cerebral venous sinus thrombosisVascular diseaseCarotid artery stenosisCerebral aneurysm

Question 5: I: mild ________ on walking ("claudication");
Pain managementChronic painNociceptorPain

Question 6: Angioplasty (PTA or percutaneous transluminal angioplasty) can be done on solitary lesions in large ________, such as the femoral artery.
Arterial treeArteryBlood vesselSystemic circulation

Question 7: PVD can result from ________, inflammatory processes leading to stenosis, an embolism, or thrombus formation.
AtherosclerosisCardiovascular diseaseHypertensionAtheroma

Question 8: II: severe pain on ________ relatively shorter distances (intermittent claudication);
WalkingBipedalismRunningGait (human)

Question 9: ________ or embolism has a dismal prognosis, but is occasionally treated successfully with thrombolysis.
Deep vein thrombosisCerebral venous sinus thrombosisThrombosisLymphedema

Question 10: primarily lower limb (________)
Deep vein thrombosisPulmonary embolismCerebral venous sinus thrombosisBudd-Chiari syndrome


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