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Peripheral nervous system: Quiz


Question 1: Examples of such transmitters include non-peptides: ATP, GABA, dopamine, NO, and peptides: neuropeptide Y, VIP, GnRH, ________ and CGRP.
Substance PSocial anxiety disorderBrain-derived neurotrophic factor5-HT2C receptor

Question 2:
How do you write Peripheral nervous system in latin?
pars descendens aortae, aorta descendens
Pars peripherica; Systema nervosum periphericum
pars anularis vaginae fibrosae digitorum pedis
pars aryepiglottica musculi arytenoidei obliqui, musculus aryepiglotticus

Question 3: Unlike the central nervous system, the PNS is not protected by bone or by the ________, leaving it exposed to toxins and mechanical injuries.
AIDSImmune systemMeningitisBlood-brain barrier

Question 4: Spinal nerves take their origins from the ________.
Grey matterNervous systemSpinal cordHuman brain

Question 5: The peripheral nervous system is functionally as well as structurally divided into the somatic nervous system and ________.
Autonomic nervous systemNerveParasympathetic nervous systemSympathetic nervous system

Question 6: The lateral pectoral nerve, C5, C6 and C7 to the ________ muscle, or musculus pectoralis major.
Pectoralis major muscleAbdominal external oblique musclePectoralis minor muscleExternal intercostal muscles

Question 7: The sensory neurons are afferent neurons which relay nerve impulses toward the ________.
White matterGrey matterCentral nervous systemAlpha motor neuron

Question 8: Spinal nerve C1 is called the suboccipital nerve which provides motor innervation to muscles at the base of the ________.
Head and neck anatomyBoneSkullHuman skull

Question 9: The main neurotransmitters of the peripheral nervous system are ________ and noradrenaline.
AcetylcholineDextromethorphanKetamineKynurenic acid

Question 10: There are two types of ________, carrying nerve impulses in different directions.
NeuronNervous systemPhotoreceptor cellGlial cell

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