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Peripheral membrane protein: Quiz


Question 1: Amphitropic proteins associate with lipid bilayers via various ________ anchor structures.
Chemical polaritySuperhydrophobeHydrophobeHydrophile

Question 2: C2 domains [17] bind ________ or phosphatidylcholine
PhosphatidylserinePlatelet-activating factorPhosphatidic acidDipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine

Question 3: Any positively charged protein will be attracted to a negatively charged membrane by nonspecific ________ interactions.
Lorentz forceElectric chargeMaxwell's equationsElectrostatics

Question 4: ________ [36]

Question 5: Cyclic lipopeptide antibiotics
________ and daptomycin[55]
BiochemistrySurfactinAmino acidBacteria

Question 6: The association of a protein with a ________ may involve significant changes within tertiary structure of a protein.
Cell membraneMetabolismLipid bilayerLipid bilayer fusion

Question 7: ________ including retinol binding proteins and fatty acid-binding proteins [34]
Fatty acid-binding proteinLipocalinRetinol binding protein 4FABP6

Question 8: In contrast to integral membrane proteins, peripheral membrane proteins tend to collect in the water-soluble component, or fraction, of all the proteins extracted during a ________ procedure.
Protein purificationPolyhistidine-tagWestern blotSDS-PAGE

Question 9: Their binding to membranes can be mediated by ________ ions (Ca2+) that form bridges between the acidic protein residues and phosphate groups of lipids, as in annexins or GLA domains.

Question 10: Such transformations occur in ________ such as colicin A, alpha-hemolysin, and others.
LeukocidinPore-forming toxinStreptolysinSuperantigen


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