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Periodic table: Quiz


Question 1: The atomic mass of each of these element's isotope having the longest ________ is typically reported on periodic tables with parentheses.
Nuclear fissionCosmic rayHalf-lifeRadioactive decay

Question 2: The elements ununtrium, ununquadium, ________, etc.

Question 3: With the development of modern quantum mechanical theories of ________ configurations within atoms, it became apparent that each row (or period) in the table corresponded to the filling of a quantum shell of electrons.

Question 4: In 1789, ________ published a list of 33 chemical elements.
Antoine LavoisierAdam SmithJean le Rond d'AlembertIsaac Newton

Question 5: The primary determinant of an element's chemical properties is its ________, particularly the valence shell electrons.
HydrogenNoble gasElectron configurationOxygen

Question 6: The table has found wide application in chemistry, physics, ________, and engineering, especially chemical engineering.

Question 7: Because of the importance of the outermost shell, the different regions of the periodic table are sometimes referred to as periodic table blocks, named according to the ________ in which the "last" electron resides.
Noble gasHydrogenElectron shellFrancium

Question 8: With the development of theories of atomic structure, it became apparent that Mendeleev had inadvertently listed the elements in order of increasing ________.
Periodic tableHafniumChemical elementAtomic number

Question 9: The total number of ________ an atom has determines the period to which it belongs.
FranciumNoble gasElectron shellPeriodic table

Question 10: For instance, the outer-shell (or "valence") electrons of the first group, headed by ________, all have one electron in an s orbital.


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