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Question 1: For a function on the real numbers or on the ________, that means that the entire graph can be formed from copies of one particular portion, repeated at regular intervals.
Rational numberIntegerNatural numberField (mathematics)

Question 2: A function whose domain is the ________ can have two incommensurate periods without being constant.
Complex numberField (mathematics)Vector spaceReal number

Question 3: Everyday examples are seen when the variable is time; for instance the hands of a ________ or the phases of the moon show periodic behaviour.
HorologyMarine chronometerClockWater clock

Question 4: The most important examples are the ________, which repeat over intervals of length 2π.
Generating trigonometric tablesPythagorean theoremTrigonometric functionsTrigonometry

Question 5: The ________ sine and cosine are common periodic functions, with period 2π (see the figure on the right).
Pythagorean theoremTrigonometryTrigonometric functionsGenerating trigonometric tables

Question 6: In ________, a periodic function is a function that repeats its values in regular intervals or periods.
Mathematical logicGeometrySet theoryMathematics

Question 7: This definition of periodic can be extended to other geometric shapes and patterns, such as periodic ________ of the plane.

Question 8: Periodic functions are used throughout science to describe ________, waves, and other phenomena that exhibit periodicity.
VibrationOscillationHarmonic oscillatorElectronic oscillator

Question 9: For example, the ________ is periodic with period 2π, since
Pythagorean theoremGenerating trigonometric tablesTrigonometryTrigonometric functions

Question 10: The subject of ________ investigates the idea that an 'arbitrary' periodic function is a sum of trigonometric functions with matching periods.
Fourier seriesHilbert spaceFourier analysisFourier transform


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