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Perineum: Quiz


Question 1:
What are the lymph nodes of the Perineum called?
primarily superficial inguinal lymph nodes
primarily internal iliac lymph nodes
To Pre & Post Auricular Nodes, Nodes of Parotid and Cervical Chains
prelaryngeal, pretracheal, jugulo-diagastric groups of lymph nodes

Question 2:

Question 3:

Question 4: The anogenital distance is a measure of the distance between the anus and the base of the ________.
RectumBreastPenisReproductive system

Question 5: It is a diamond-shaped area on the inferior surface of the trunk which includes the anus and, in females, the ________.
VaginaClitorisFemale ejaculationPenis

Question 6: In Alfred Kinsey's 1967 report, he concluded that the perineum was one of the 6 key ________ for males.
VulvaErogenous zoneClitorisPenis

Question 7: In human anatomy, the perineum is generally defined as the surface region in both males and females between the pubic symphysis and the ________.
TorsoCoccyxXiphisternal jointBone

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