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Pericles: Quiz


Question 1: In the mid 450s the Athenians launched an unsuccessful attempt to aid an Egyptian revolt against Persia, which led to a prolonged siege of a Persian fortress in the ________ Delta.
White NileAncient EgyptAlexandriaNile

Question 2: β[›][4] According to ________ and Plutarch, Agariste dreamed, a few nights before Pericles' birth, that she had borne a lion.
Ancient GreeceHerodotusGreco-Persian WarsAlexander the Great

Question 3: The residents of Istiaia, meanwhile, who had butchered the crew of an Athenian ________, were uprooted and replaced by 2,000 Athenian settlers.
Greco-Persian WarsThemistoclesAncient GreeceTrireme

Question 4:
How is Pericles described?
Philosopher and statesman
Athenian statesman, orator and general
Byzantine statesman
Dutch statesman and vicar

Question 5: [9] He enjoyed the company of the philosophers Protagoras, Zeno of Elea and ________.

Question 6:
When did Pericles die?
429 BC

Question 7:
When was Pericles born?
circa 495 BC

Question 8: Pericles crossed over to Euboea with his troops, but was forced to return when the Spartan army invaded ________.

Question 9:
Where did Pericles die?
Montreux, Switzerland
Kampen, Germany
Sevenoaks, Kent, England

Question 10: [47] In 447 BC Pericles engaged in his most admired excursion, the expulsion of barbarians from the Thracian peninsula of ________, in order to establish Athenian colonists in the region.
MycaleGallipoliBüyük Menderes RiverTroy

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