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Question 1:
What kind of animal is a Peregrine Falcon?

Question 2: What does the following picture show?

  At nest, France
  Painting of subspecies babylonicus by John Gould
  Painting of subspecies babylonicus by John Gould
  Subspecies minor, illustration by Keulemans, 1874

Question 3: [44] The Peregrine Falcon was removed from the U.S. ________ list on August 25, 1999.
Polar bearTigerEndangered speciesCheetah

Question 4:
What is the binomial of Peregrine Falcon?
Odezia atrata
Salix shiraii
Falco peregrinus
Automolus infuscatus

Question 5: [54] Both nests and (less frequently) adults are predated by larger-bodied raptorial birds like eagles, large owls, or ________.
Peregrine FalconGyrfalconSaker FalconGolden Eagle

Question 6:
What is the binomial authority of Peregrine Falcon?
Burt-Utley & J. Utley
Tunstall, 1771
Temminck & Schlegel, 1845

Question 7:
What family does Peregrine Falcon belong to?

Question 8: It is found in ________ in all regions except the southwest.
United KingdomCanadaAustraliaBarbados

Question 9: [27] The Peregrine Falcon is host to a range of ________ and pathogens.
ToxoplasmosisParasitismDirofilaria immitisCat

Question 10: The variation kreyenborgi is medium grey above, has little barring below, and has a head pattern like the ________, but the ear region is white.
Lanner FalconGyrfalconSaker FalconPeregrine Falcon


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