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Percussion instrument: Quiz


Question 1: Other instruments (such as crash cymbals and ________) produce sounds with such complex overtones and a wide range of prominent frequencies that no pitch is discernible.
Bass drumTom-tom drumRototomSnare drum

Question 2: Another example includes the use of a hammer and saw in ________'s De Natura Sonoris No. 2.
Olivier MessiaenPierre BoulezGyörgy LigetiKrzysztof Penderecki

Question 3: In classic jazz, one almost immediately thinks of the distinctive rhythm of the ________ or the ride cymbal when the word "swing" is spoken.
Tom-tom drumBass drumDrum kitHi-hat

Question 4: As a noun in contemporary English it is described in ________ as "the collision of two bodies to produce a sound".

Question 5: However, often at least one pair of ________ is included, though they rarely play continuously.

Question 6: congalero, conguero: someone who plays ________
Salsa musicLatin American musicJazzConga

Question 7: In military ________ and pipes and drums, it is the beat of the bass drum that keeps the soldiers in step and at a regular speed, and it is the snare that provides that crisp, decisive air to the tune of a regiment.
Drum and bugle corps (modern)Concert bandTimpaniMarching band

Question 8: Most instruments known as "chordophones" are defined as ________, but some such as these examples are percussion instruments also.
GuqinString instrumentMusical instrumentViolin

Question 9: Music for percussive instruments without a definite pitch can be notated with a specialist rhythm or percussion-________; More often a treble clef (or sometimes a bass clef) is substituted for rhythm clef.
ClefTrill (music)Transposing instrumentModern musical symbols

Question 10: When classifying instruments by function it is useful to note if a percussion instrument makes a ________ or indefinite pitch.
OctaveMusical notationSemitonePitch (music)


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