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Percival: Quiz


Question 1: [3].The book "Parzival" by ________ is a retelling of the story.
JapanBridge to Terabithia (2007 film)Katherine PatersonSecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 2: [1] The movie The Fisher King is a modern retelling with Robin Williams as Parry, and ________ as the Fisher King-like Jack Lucas.
Sean PennLeonardo DiCaprioJack NicholsonJeff Bridges

Question 3: In most accounts he is of noble birth; his father is either King Pellinore or another worthy ________.

Question 4: His sister is the bearer of the ________, she is sometimes named Dindrane.
King ArthurCorbenicPercivalHoly Grail

Question 5: In early versions, Percival's sweetheart was Blanchefleur and he became the King of Carbonek after healing the ________, but in later versions he was a virgin who died after achieving the Grail.
Fisher KingKing ArthurCorbenicHoly Grail

Question 6: In Welsh literature his story is allotted to the historical ________.
PeredurHen OgleddKing ArthurTaliesin

Question 7: Eventually, however, a group of knights passes through his wood, and Percival is struck by their ________ bearing.
PlatoGreek mythologyHeroGreek hero cult

Question 8: In later accounts, the true Grail hero is ________, Lancelot's son.
CamelotGalahadMerlinKing Arthur

Question 9: Percival or Perceval is one of ________'s legendary Knights of the Round Table.
King Arthur's messianic returnKing Arthur's familyHistorical basis for King ArthurKing Arthur


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