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People's Republic of Hungary: Quiz


Question 1: [27] Even by the late 1980s, ________ were generally far from adequate.
Human nutritionSanitationSanitary sewerHealth care system

Question 2: Following its occupation of Hungary in 1944, the ________ imposed harsh conditions allowing it to seize important material assets and control internal affairs.
RussiaJoseph StalinSoviet UnionEast Germany

Question 3: [1] After the ________ set up police organs to persecute class enemies, the Soviets assumed that the impoverished Hungarian populace would support communists in coming elections.
Red ArmySoviet Armed ForcesRussiaEastern Front (World War II)

Question 4: The ________ churches were also purged and their leaders were replaced by those willing to remain loyal to Rákosi's government.
Christian denominationBaptistProtestantismChristianity

Question 5: Hungary extensively reformed its economy and strengthened its ties with western Europe; in May 2004 Hungary became a member of the ________.
DenmarkEuropean UnionEuropean ParliamentGermany

Question 6: His government became increasingly unpopular, and when Joseph Stalin died in 1953, Mátyás Rákosi was replaced as prime minister by ________.
Cold WarImre NagyYuri AndropovKim Il-sung

Question 7: Rákosi's power was undermined by a speech made by ________ in February 1956.
John F. KennedyNikita KhrushchevJoseph StalinBoris Yeltsin

Question 8: At the height of his rule, Rákosi developed a strong ________.
APA Task Force on Deceptive and Indirect Techniques of Persuasion and ControlCult of personalityProject MegiddoAnti-cult movement

Question 9: The state considered itself the heir of the ________, which was formed in 1919 and was the second socialist state formed after Soviet Russia.
Austria–HungaryHungarian Soviet RepublicHungaryHungary between the World Wars

Question 10: [7] At that September 1949 trial, Rajk made a forced confession to be an agent of Miklós Horthy, Leon Trotsky, ________ and Western imperialism.
Joseph StalinJosip Broz TitoCold WarFidel Castro


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