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People's Crusade: Quiz


Question 1: [5] When they reached the ________, part of the army decided to continue on by boat down the Danube, while the main body continued overland and entered Hungary at Ödenburg (now Sopron).

Question 2: The People's Crusade is part of the ________ and lasted roughly six months from April 1096 to October.
CrusadesFirst CrusadeNorwegian CrusadeSecond Crusade

Question 3: [5] When they reached ________ on July 12, they met their Byzantine escort, which brought them safely the rest of the way to Constantinople by August 1.

Question 4: Spurring them on had been a number of coincidental meteorological occurrences beginning in 1095 that seemed to be a divine blessing for the movement: a meteor shower, aurorae, a lunar eclipse, and a ________, among other events.
CometCentaur (minor planet)Solar SystemSun

Question 5: He had vigorously preached the crusade throughout northern France and ________.
Southern NetherlandsFlandersBelgiumLille

Question 6: The ________ communities were relatively wealthy, both due to their isolation, and because they were not restricted as Christians were against moneylending.

Question 7: An outbreak of ergotism, which usually led to mass pilgrimages anyway, had also occurred just before the ________.
First CrusadePope Urban IICouncil of ClermontCatholic Church

Question 8: Led by Walter Sans Avoir and ________, the army was destroyed by the Seljuk forces of Kilij Arslan.
First CrusadePeople's CrusadeCrusadesPeter the Hermit

Question 9: Peter gathered his army at ________ on April 12, 1096, planning to stop there and preach to the Germans and gather more crusaders.

Question 10: In parts of ________ and Germany, Jews were perceived as just as much an enemy as Muslims: they were thought to be responsible for the crucifixion, and they were more immediately visible than the distant Muslims.
FranceUnited KingdomItalyCanada


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