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Penza: Quiz


Question 1: Penza (Russian: Пе́нза) is a city in ________, the administrative center of Penza Oblast in the Volga Federal District.
RussiaMoscowRussian cultureUnited States

Question 2: It stands on the Sura River, 625 km south-east of ________.

Question 3: The poet ________ grew up near Penza in the manor of Tarkhany, which belonged to his grandmother.
Alexander PushkinVasily ZhukovskyMikhail LermontovMikhail Glinka

Question 4: Local public transport includes buses trolleybusses and ________ (shared taxis)

Question 5: A minor planet 3189 Penza discovered by Soviet astronomer ________ in 1978 is named after the city.
Lyudmila ChernykhLyudmila KarachkinaNikolai Chernykh3054 Strugatskia

Question 6: It has six ________ (The Penza State University, The Pedagogic University, The Academy of Agriculture, The Technology Institute, the University of Architecture and Construction and The Artillery and Engineering Institute), 13 colleges and 77 public schools.
Public school (government funded)Gymnasium (school)UniversityPrivate school

Question 7: Besides this, Penza is home to three theatres, four museums, and three ________.
BerlinArt museumParisLondon

Question 8: Natives of Penza include Vsevolod Meyerhold, Andreï Makine, Nikolai Ishutin, Aristarkh Lentulov,________, and Lavrenty Zagoskin.
KievVilniusRussiaIvan Mozzhukhin

Question 9: In 1774, Penza was taken by the insurgent army led by Yemelyan Pugachev, because citizens of the town welcomed the rebellious ________ into the city.
Kuban CossacksBohdan KhmelnytskyZaporozhian CossacksCossacks

Question 10: During the Russian Civil War, the ________ raised an anti-Bolshevik uprising in Penza.
PragueCzechoslovak LegionsHungarySlovakia

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