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Pentagram: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Pentagram have?
Final Fantasy IV Original Sound Version mix
with Joe Thomas
Down In the Mission

Question 2: [23] Crowley contradicted his old comrades in the ________, who following Levi considered this orientation of the symbol evil and associated it with the triumph of matter over spirit.
HermeticismRosicrucianismHermetic Order of the Golden DawnAstrology

Question 3: Like a regular pentagon, and a regular pentagon with a pentagram constructed inside it, the regular pentagram has as its symmetry group the ________ of order 10.
Dihedral groupGroup theoryGroup (mathematics)Cyclic group

Question 4: [citation needed] Pentemychos means "five recesses" or "five chambers", also known as the pentagonas — the five-angle, and was the title of a work written by Pythagoras's teacher and friend ________.
Pherecydes of SyrosDemocritusAnaximanderThales

Question 5: The Pythagorean Greek letters are most often replaced by the Hebrew letters לויתן forming the name ________.

Question 6: ________ also made use of the pentagram and in his Thelemic system of magick: an adverse or inverted pentagram represents the descent of spirit into matter, according to the interpretation of Lon Milo DuQuette.
ThelemaCeremonial magicAleister CrowleyBoleskine House

Question 7: The occultist and magician ________'s pentagram, which he considered to be a symbol of the microcosm, or human.
Divinatory, esoteric and occult tarotTarotArthur Edward WaiteEliphas Levi

Question 8: The pentagram includes ten ________: five acute and five obtuse isosceles triangles.

Question 9: The ________, φ = (1+√5)/2 ≈ 1.618, satisfying
Silver ratioGolden ratioPiMathematical constant

Question 10: The word "________" is sometimes used synonymously with "pentagram", and this usage is borne out by the Oxford English Dictionary, although that work specifies that a circumscription makes the shape more particularly a pentacle.
GrimoireMagic (paranormal)TarotPentacle


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