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Penny (The Big Bang Theory): Quiz


Question 1:
On what date was Penny (The Big Bang Theory) born?
November or December 1986

Question 2: She is Leonard Hofstadter (________) and Sheldon Cooper's (Jim Parsons) neighbor across the hallway, and the main love interest of the former.
Johnny GaleckiWill SmithSara GilbertI Know What You Did Last Summer

Question 3: Penny's looks and outgoing personality contrast with the rest of the main male characters, who are all scientists and ________.

Question 4:
Who portrayed Penny (The Big Bang Theory)?

Question 5: A first reference to her full name was made in The Barbarian Sublimation, in which her online nickname to play ________ was Queen Penelope.
Conan the BarbarianAge of Conan: Hyborian AdventuresConan (2007 video game)Conan (2004 video game)

Question 6:
Who of the following is related to Penny (The Big Bang Theory)?
Unnamed parents
unnamed niece
Unnamed child
Bob , unnamed sister and brother

Question 7: Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Penny is a waitress at the local ________ with aspirations of becoming an actress.
NevadaUnited StatesThe Cheesecake FactoryFlorida

Question 8: Despite this, at times Penny and Sheldon have shown to be good friends; Penny took care of Sheldon while he was sick[9] and when he was left out of his apartment;[10] Sheldon lent money to Penny when she needed it[11] and took care of her when she dislocated her ________.
ArmShoulderUpper limbWrist

Question 9:
What gender is Penny (The Big Bang Theory)?
Male and female coeducational instruction
Female 2-5-1980
male, female

Question 10:
What did Penny (The Big Bang Theory) do for a living?
South African actor
Waitress/aspiring actress
broadcast journalist
Jam manufacturer

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