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Pennsylvania German language: Quiz


Question 1: The exception to this decline is in the context of the ________ and Old Order Mennonite communities, and presently the members of these two groups make up the majority of Pennsylvania German speakers.

Question 2:
Who of the following spoke at the Pennsylvania German language?
250 000+

Question 3:
What family does Pennsylvania German language belong to?

Question 4: Among the Amish of ________, there have been numerous other shifts that can make their Pennsylvania German particularly difficult for modern High German speakers to understand.
Elizabethtown, PennsylvaniaEphrata, PennsylvaniaLancaster, PennsylvaniaLancaster County, Pennsylvania

Question 5: The use of the subjunctive, while it exists, is more limited than in ________.
GermanyStandard GermanGerman languageGerman orthography

Question 6: Secondly, the Old Order ________, most of whom do speak the language every day, use many English words in their Pennsylvania German.

Question 7: [1] Alternatively, some sources give the origin of "Dutch" in this case as a corruption or a "folk-rendering" of the Pennsylvania German ________ "Deitsch".
Exonym and endonymBelgradePragueBrussels

Question 8: The English original is found in the first column, and a ________ version appears in the fourth column.
Standard GermanGermanyGerman languageGerman orthography

Question 9: In this context, the word "Dutch" does not refer to the people of the ________.

Question 10: Speakers of the language are primarily found today in Ontario in ________ and in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana in the United States.
BelizeCanadaUnited KingdomBarbados


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