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Penis removal: Quiz


Question 1: In some instances, botched childhood ________ have also resulted in full or partial penectomies.
CircumcisionPenisCircumcision and HIVReligious male circumcision

Question 2: In May 1994, ________, the wife of Wong Cheong-do, 43, sliced his penis off in a domestic dispute in Hong Kong in May, but doctors were able to sew it back because Wong had thought to bring it to the hospital.
PhilippinesMacauHong KongUnited States

Question 3: In May, 2009, ________, a woman Kira V.
United StatesRussian cultureMoscowRussia

Question 4: In 1987, ________, Dou Xueliang, a resident of Anshan city in Liaoning province, had his penis removed by accident, when he went to the hospital to have a penis infection treated, the website said.
Province (China)ChinaTime in ChinaReligion in China

Question 5: In 1991, Alan Boggs of ________, picked up a hitchhiker on Orange Blossom Trail, attacked him, and cut off his penis.
Orlando, FloridaMiamiGreater OrlandoTampa, Florida

Question 6: Bobbitt's penis was successfully reattached, and he later had a brief career in ________.
PornographyPornographic actorPornographic filmBDSM

Question 7: When procedures such as this are not possible, other procedures such as ________ are used which do involve the removal of the penis.
VaginoplastyVulvaGenital modification and mutilationSex reassignment surgery (male-to-female)

Question 8: In 2003, in ________, Cambodia a popular karaoke performer was hospitalized after his jealous wife tried, but failed, to cut off his penis while he slept Wednesday, Phnom Penh police said.
Phnom PenhBangkokKuala LumpurDhaka

Question 9: The penis was last seen at a ________ exhibition in 1949.
Department storeMoscowLondonParis

Question 10: In October 9, 2004, Kandal province ________, A Cambodian woman Tuy Narin, 35, stabbed her husband 37-year-old Chhun Saran in the penis with a knife.
CanadaMalaysiaPapua New GuineaCambodia

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