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Question 1: Freud thought this series of events occurred prior to the development of a wider sense of sexual identity, and was required for an individual to continue to enter into his or her ________ role.
IntersexualityThird genderGenderGender role

Question 2: Juliet Mitchell—another Feminist theorist—attempted to reconcile Freud's thoughts on psychosexual development with Feminism and Marxism by declaring his theories to be simply observations of gender identity under ________.
CapitalismLaissez-faireKeynesian economicsAnarcho-capitalism

Question 3: Theories by other influential psychoanalysts, such as ________ and Jean Piaget are widely believed to be more broadly accurate and applicable to child psychological development.
Sigmund FreudErik EriksonDevelopmental psychologyPre- and perinatal psychology

Question 4: Also, in the 1977 film ________, Woody Allen's character, upon hearing the question asked by the title character about penis envy, replied that he "was one of the few males that suffered from it."
Crimes and MisdemeanorsAnnie HallManhattan (film)Interiors

Question 5: Television shows such as Sex and the City and ________ popularised the penis size issue when characters in these TV shows stated their preference for well-endowed men over more modestly-endowed men.
Ally McBealUgly BettyDesperate HousewivesWill & Grace

Question 6: Penis envy in ________ psychoanalysis refers to the theorized reaction of a girl during her psychosexual development to the realization that she does not have a penis.
William JamesSigmund FreudExistentialismImmanuel Kant

Question 7: Prior to this stage, the ________ (broadly defined by Freud as the primary motivating energy force within the mind) focuses on other physiological areas.
Defence mechanismCarl JungLibidoPsyche (psychology)

Question 8: According to ________, the parallel reaction in boys to the realization that girls do not have a penis is castration anxiety.
ExistentialismWilliam JamesSigmund FreudImmanuel Kant

Question 9: She proposed a shift to ________ models of rearing children which would result in the dismantling of the Electra complex and the Oedipus complex and the avoidance of penis envy.
MarxismDialecticKarl MarxDialectical materialism

Question 10: The media attention given to ________ and some women being vocal in their penis size preferences have led some men to state their anxiety over their penis size.
Androgen insensitivity syndromeVaginaTesticleHuman penis size

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