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Question 1:
Penal transportation, Crime in Australia and Violence against Indians in Australia controversy are all:
Penal labor Crime in Australia Punishments Convictism in Australia

Question 2: Examples include transportation by France to Devil's Island and by the UK to its colonies in the Americas, from the 1610s through the ________ in the 1770s, and then to Australia between 1788 and 1868.
United States ConstitutionAmerican RevolutionMassachusettsUnited States

Question 3: The arrival at Port Jackson, on 26 January 1788 (now ________) is considered the founding event in the history of Sydney, as well as New South Wales and modern Australia in general.
MelbourneAustralia DayNorfolk IslandCanberra

Question 4:
Penal transportation, First Fleet and Convicts in Australia are all:
Penal labor Convictism in Australia Punishments Crime in Australia

Question 5: The number of convicts transported to North America is not verified although it has been estimated to be 50,000 by Dr ________.
Thomas BrisbaneAustraliaJames Forbes (minister)John Dunmore Lang

Question 6: Transportation or penal transportation is the deporting of convicted ________ to a penal colony.

Question 7:
Penal transportation, Gulag and Penal colony are all:
Crime in Australia Punishments Penal labor Convictism in Australia

Question 8:
Penal transportation, Corporal punishment and Chemical castration are all:
Punishments Penal labor Crime in Australia Convictism in Australia

Question 9: Some were sold as ________ to the Southern states.
RacismSlaveryAntisemitismUniversal suffrage

Question 10: These went originally to ________, the majority prisoners taken in battle from Ireland and Scotland.
Midwestern United StatesNortheastern United StatesSouthern United StatesNew England

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